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  • SIKS rods have a powerful and deep action making them great all round rods. Action-wise they are situated somewhere between the highly popular Cult and GT4 Catapult series. 

  • Fishermen all over Europe enjoyed our Cult rods. A rod doesn’t always necessarily have to be stiff. The Cult ideology is to make fishing and casting easy and the same goes for these double hand rods. When the rod bends you don’t have to work so much and take care to ensure perfect, tip top timing. You can concentrate on fishing instead.

  • The future is here! Make no mistake though, the shock with this rod comes not when you see the picture, nor even when you first take hold and realise how incredibly light they are, but most definitely it’s after you make the cast.

  • Built on specially developed blanks utilising the latest high grade Japanese graphite, MAG rods have a powerful fast action making them great for Shooting heads and Shorter Spey lines.

  • Don’t laugh before you try one. These rods are here to stay. They are extremely versatile, no matter if you fish on rivers or at the sea. With Switch rods you have the benefits of casting like a double hand rod but working the fly like with single hand rods, a real benefit in many fishing situations.

  • Too good to be true? Vipu double hand rods complete the very popular range of Vipu single hand rods. These rods have powerful full flex action. 

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items