About Company

The owner FFGuides is associated with angling forever and ever. Despite his young age, he was fishing not only in Polish but also in several other European countries, among others is Sweden, Norway, Austria, Bosnia, Slovenia and Slovakia. Multiple medalist competitions GP Poland, the second V-ce Polish Champion in fly fishing. In 2010 he went to the Polish National Team, which in the same year took the fifth place team in the World Cup.

Since 2011 he worked for Vision Poland, but in September 2012 he founded the company FFGuides, which specializes not only in the selection of fishing equipment but also in a number of other activities for the potential client - from layman to a professional.

The competence of outside consultancy equipment and the sale also includes, among others, Fishing conductivity (Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Bosnia), organization of individual and group training, including trips abroad, training courses, learning from scratch and many others.

FFGuides is based on the experience and skills acquired over the years - this is the best way to start your adventure with fly-angling or continue it under the best care and the best available on the market for fishing equipment.